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EZ professional business email address Business Email Address
EZ personal email address Personal Email Address
EZ professional email address Professional Email Address

EZ business email address, personal email address, professional email address

Create and own your
business email address, personal email address or professional email address
For Yourself, Your Family, Your Business,
Your Church, Your Organization

Use it to personalize every email to friends; or to place your organization or company name in front of members, customers, prospects and suppliers with every email you send.

Easy access to your EZ business email address, personal email address or professional email address Access from anywhere...
Use any computer, tablet or cell phone with internet access!

No website needed! - No ads of any kind!
Never change your email address again.

Easily create your EZ personal email address address, professional email address or business email address Create and own your personal email address, business email address or professional email address
like these examples:


As you've no doubt noted, we refer to "business email address", "personal email address" and "professional email address"; HOWEVER WE DO SO ONLY BECAUSE PEOPLE REFER TO EMAIL ACCOUNTS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES BY THESE DIFFERENT DESCRIPTIVE TERMS. In actuality, we provide the same features for a personal email address as we do for a professional or business email address.

Consequently, the only factors which determine which Select your EZ email account plan based on how many email addresses and how much storage space you need email address account plan you select depends entirely on
1) how many email addresses you require and
2) how much storage space you need.

We offer 3 different Select from 3 different EZ email account plans email account plans for personal and professional/business use.

The Here's info on the EZ Personal Email Address Account Personal Email Account Plan has one email address with 1GB (1,000MB) of mailbox storage space.
Although the size of individual messages varies, 1GB of storage space could handle over 5,000 typical text messages. Very few of us get that many messages; however, if you're receiving messages with files attached, such as photographs, drawings, video, or pdf files, each message will take considerably more storage space than a simple text email.

The This is info on the EZ Business Email Account Business Email Account Plan provides 5 individual email address with a total plan storage of 2GB.

The This is info on the EZ Business Plus Email Account Unlimited Business Email Account Plan provides 5 individual email addresses, each with unlimited storage space. Need more than 5 individual email addresses? Just buy additional Business Plus Email Account Plans.

As an FYI, all 100 free email forwarding addresses are provided with each EZ email account email accounts are provided with 100 free email forwarding addresses. So you can setup info@YourDomaiName, sales@YourDomainDame, etc to be forwarded to any desired email address such as YourName@YourDomainName.

EZ personal email address, business email address, professional email address

It's hard to beat what you get with an EZ Professional business email account or EZ personal email account Email Account Plans Are Very Affordable
  1 address with 1GB of Storage: $24 for one year
  5 addresses with 2GB Total Storage: $48 for one year
  5 addresses each with Unlimited Storage: $64 for one year
Each Plan is Less if purchased for multiple years!

It's extremely easy to get your Yes, it's very easy to get an EZ email adress professional, business or personal email address. All you need to do is...
  1. Register the "@YourDomainName" (@YourDomainName.COM, or .NET, or .ORG, etc) part of your email address.
    This is known as registering a "domain" aka "domain name" and a dotCOM (.com) domain name costs $12.45 per year, or as little as $8.99 per year if you order for multiple years.

    You need to register a domain name to have a custom, personalized email address because the domain name is what makes your email address uniquely yours, and yours alone. When you register your dotCom domain name (or .Net, .Org, .US, .Biz, or whatever) it's the @YourDomainName part of your email address.

    Since each and every domain name must be unique, once you register yours, it's yours alone to use. Here's info on how to create your unique domain name.

  2. Buy the Select the EZ email account you need email address account plan that suits your needs:
    • 1 email address for $24 or
    • 5 email addresses with 2GB storage for $48 or
    • 5 email addresses, each with unlimited storage for $64 per year.
    All plans have lower prices for multiple years. For example: 5 mailboxes with unlimited storage for 5 years is only $51 per year!
NOTE: If you already have a domain name with another company, you can transfer it to us for only $8.99. You won't lose any time left on your domain name as transferring it to us also extends the expiration date by one year.
*** Pay online by credit card, PayPal or electronic check transfer. ***

I'm thrilled to have my own personalize email address

Your ad-free Send and receive email with your EZ email address using any device with internet access personal email address or professional, business email address can be accessed from anywhere, on any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access; and includes:

  • Webmail - access your email address using your internet browser
  • POP3 or IMAP email for incoming email: access your email using Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or any other email client
  • Mobile Email for use with your tablet or cell phone: Mobile Email is a slimmed-down version of our Webmail (you can use either one) and both function as long as they have an internet connection. Easily setup for use with Android or iPhone
  • Spam Protection
  • Virus Protection
  • Phishing Fraud Protection
  • SMTP Relaying for outgoing email
  • AutoResponder
  • 100 Email Forwarding Addresses
  • No ads!
  • Online Calendar to keep track of activities, events and important dates
  • Online File Folder to store, access, transfer, and synchronize files directly from your desktop or FTP client

Below are links to resources you might find useful regarding email addresses:

Hints for creating your professional business email address or personal email address to get You@YourDomainName.

Check out the advantages of a professional personal email address.

Email FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions about email addresses.

Check-out Email Basics if you're not familiar with email terms like WebMail, Mobile Email, POP3, SMTP, Email Forwarding, etc.

Why you should NOT use a free email address from Hotmail, Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc.

How to setup your cell phone or computer to send and receive email messages.

Your You might be surprised about everything you can do with an EZ email address professional business email address or personal email address is very versatile:

  • you can send and receive email messages with your favorite email client program such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc
  • you can send and receive email by Webmail - our internet based email program where you use your computer or smartphone's internet web browser to send and receive your messages
  • if desired, you can use our slimmed down verison of our Webmail program, called Mobile Email, to send and receive email by using the internet browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  • you can set your email account to store messages
  • you can set your email address to forward messages to another email address
  • you can set your email account as a "catch-all" which will receive any email sent to "anyname"@YourDomainName"
  • you can even set-up an auto-responder which automatically sends a standard reply message you create (like: "I'm on vacation. I'll reply when I return next week.") in response to all incoming messages

Using an An EZ business email address or personal email address lends a degree of professionalism to every email you send email address that uses your own domain name (you@YourDomainName) adds a level of professionalism to ever email you send.
Wouldn't you prefer an email address like judy@beautiful-floral-arrangements.com or sales@LowCostComputers.com or john@the-smith-family.com ?? It's distinctive, it's professional, and it's yours alone. And remember, you don't need a website to setup an email account that uses @YourDomainName

There are no advertisements attached to your email messages, nor do we provide information about you to advertisers. Our email service is supported by your order and is fast, hassle-free, and without the massive amounts of advertising involved with many other email providers. Our email services are completely ad-free... no annoying ads or pop-ups of any kind!

Your Keep your same email address forever email address(es) is forever... as long as you keep your domain name registered with us, you can keep your same email address. You'll never again have to worry about updating friends, family, customers or business associates with a new email address when you move, change your job, or change your internet service provider.

Get your professional business email address or personal email address You@YourDomainName email address
Register or transfer your domain name now!
Purchase the email plan that suits your needs.

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