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How To Create Your
Hints on how to create your custom business or personal email address Personal or Business Email Address

Here's what you need to know about creating your unique, custom EZ personal email address or professional business email address You@YourDomainName. By far, the single, most important step in creating your unique, custom You must buy / register a domain name to create your unique, custom EZ personal email address or professional business email address. personal or business email address is to buy / register a domain name. So just what is a domain name?

A domain name is what forms the "@YourDomainName" part of your Since every domain name must be unique, that's what also makes your EZ personal or business email address also. email address. And since every domain name must be unique, that makes your email address unique also.
It also has other functions such as being used for the internet web address (url) of a website or blog address (www.YourDomainName).

Here are a few examples of domain names used in email address:

  • google.com - an example of an email address might be support@Google.com
  • cameron-diaz.com - an example of an email address might be Cameron@Cameron-Diaz.com
  • ez-domainnameregistration.com - an example of an email address is info@Ez-DomainNameRegistration.com
  • ebay.com - an example of an email address might be sales@ebay.com
  • thesmithfamily.com - an example of an email address might be JohnSmith@TheSmithFamily.com

    Information on Creating a Domain Name for Your Unique, Custom Use the following info to help you create a domain name for your EZ professional business email address or personal email address. Professional Business or Personal Email Address

    • You can register domain names that are a word, a name, a phrase... virtually any combination of alpha and/or numerial characters. Even a combination that doesn't read as a word, name or phrase.

    • Your domain name can be as short as 3 characters or as long as 63 characters - plus the ending extension like: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .ws

    • Your domain name can not include any spaces and must only use letters, numbers and hyphens ( dashes "-" ) like your-25-cent-store.com

    • Your domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen (dash)

    • Domain names are not case sensitive, so there is no reason to use capital letters when registering them. If in the registration process you see the domain name given in all capital letters, that is OK. The actual registration is made in all lower case letters. However, when you tell people your domain name, it's OK to use capital letters to make it easier to read-- for example: you can use TheSmithFamily.com instead of thesmithfamily.com.

    • Your domain name must be unique. There can't be more than one email address or website with the same domain name. We provide you a search tool to find out if a domain name is available.

    • If the name you want is already in use, you may want to check for variations. For example, if you wanted "www.myname.com", variations of the spelling or word order may help you choose a new domain name. Or try adding hyphens (dashes "-") between words (my-domain-name.com).

      Check the availability of "MyDomainName.com" or "My-Domain-Name.com" or "MyDomainNameOnline.com" or "ShopMyDomainName.com". And don't forget to check the name with the other extensions like: "MyDomainName.NET", "MyDomainName.ORG, MyDomainName.INFO", "MyDomainName.EXPERT", "MyDomainName.US or "MyDomainName.STORE". There are literally over 1,000 extensions available.

    • Here are some examples to help you create the domain name for your custom, unique Here's some more information to help you create a domain name for your EZ professional business email address or personal email address. personal or business email address:
        Add in front of
        desired name:
      • MYdomainname
      • OURdomainname
      • YOURdomainname
      • GOdomainname
      • GOTOdomainname
      • SHOPdomainname
      • ONLINEdomainname
      • FORdomainname
      • WEBdomainname
      • NETdomainname
      • Idomainname
      • I-domainname
      • Edomainname
      • E-domainname
        Add at end of
        desired name:
      • domainnameCENTRAL
      • domainnameONLINE
      • domainnamePORTAL
      • domainnameFAMILY
      • domainnameSTORE
      • domainnameMALL
      • domainnameCENTER
      • domainnameZONE
      • domainnameSOURCE
      • domainnameWORLD
      • domainnameHUB
      • domainnameLINK
      • domainnameCOMPANY
      • domainnameCORP
        Use with Family Name
        If your family name
        is Smith:
      • Smith.com
      • TheSmiths.com
      • SmithFamily.com
      • Smith-Family.com
      • TheSmithFamily.com
      • SmithFamilyOnline.com
      • MySmithFamily.com
      • OurSmithFamily.com
      • SmithFamilyCircle.com
      • SmithFamilyTree.com
      • SmithFamilyCorner.com
      • SmithFamilyReunion
      • SmithFamilyVacation.com
      • SmithGenealogy.com

    Here's the basics on everything you'd like to know about a Use this link for more information about a EZ custom email address custom email address.

    Here are the advantages of a custom Use this link for information about the advantaces of a EZ custom, professional email address personal or business email address.

    This FAQ page will tell you all about your Use this FAQ for answers about EZ custom, personal or professional business email address professional business or personal email address.

    Use the following link to view a summary of EZ email address account plans and prices can be seen here email account plans and prices.

  • To see if the domain name you want to use for your Use the form below to check and see if the domain name you want to use for your EZ personal or professional business email address personal or professional business email address is available, enter it in the Domain Registration search text form below.
    For example: YourDesiredName.com, or .net, or .org, or .online, etc.
    Check to see if the domain name you want to use with your EZ email address is available Domain Registration Search

    Use the following link if you'd like more information about domain names.

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